Tomer Moerman is the visionary creative director and co-founder of
TM Total Marketing. Raised in the vibrant city of Tel Aviv  where he roamed
the multi-cultured urban streets, surfed in the Mediterranean sea and worked
the fields with his father.
Tomer imbibed his surroundings with a fervent curiosity.
Taking a keen interest in human behaviors and modes of interaction,
these early experiences inspired him to blend his talents for storytelling,
visual arts and making connections with target audiences.

After completing his studies at the Avni Institute of Art and Design Tel Aviv, Tomer set forth to explore new horizons in Milan, Italy,

where he continued his education at AC  and starting to work for
Publicis Milan as an art director.

Despite his love for Italian culture and cuisine, fate drew him back
home to Israel, where he continued to shape his talents in the world
of advertising.  With a hunger to explore new avenues within the
Event’s sector, he became Creative Director for a local major Group Entertainment.

The vast scope of Tomer’s creative, professional and personal experiences culminated in a unique synthesis reified in his vision for TM Total Marketing.



TM creates an exciting layout using fresh content which will catch the viewer's attention!

​Every great business or service needs an identity.
It's the first impression!


Communicating with
the public Is like magic. 
the trick Is how to use
words and images.


TM always looks for a win win situation using lots of creativity and ingenuity.